“Hola” or “Hallo”?

I am currently taking Spanish 101 in college and for the most part I am enjoying the language.

My plan was not to originally take this class but to take German instead. Not only am I from German descent but I have always found the language intriguing and I have been thinking of studying abroad in Germany..


Spanish is really growing on me. The language is not too difficult to learn and it’s really cool to actually hear it being spoken fluently here in the U.S. 

My dilemma is this:

Do I sign up to take German next semester so I can study abroad in Germany one day and learn a little more about my heritage.. Or do I sign up for Spanish 102 instead and continue with Spanish so I can study abroad in a country such as Costa Rica?

Spanish would definitely work well with my career choice. Since I want to be a pharmacist in the United States, it is important to learn and be able to speak at least a little Spanish for the growing number of people who speak that language. 


I guess I’ll figure it out.. but better do it quickly because I have to register for classes on the 28th of October! Wish me luck 🙂


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